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With our electronic funds transfer (EFT) services we provide you with the ability to collect funds from majority of the South African banks. Offering all the services relating to this collection stream as well as integrated check digit verification (CDV).

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Debi Check or Authenticated Collections (replacing NAEDO), will ensure that all debit orders are firstly verified against a registered and authenticated mandate, before being processed against an account holder’s bank account.

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Our E-Mandate allows your customers to sign and authorize debit order transactions online and from any web-enabled device. Digital mandate authorisations are stored in a tamper proof vault (in the cloud), keeping you protected from future customer disputes.

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The Account Verification Service (AVS) provides a service whereby banking account information can be verified allowing Linkserv users to verify account holder information before making payments or collecting funds.

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Credit Card Collections

We offer you the merchant facility to collect your client’s funds using their credit card (CC) details through our CC batch processing service allowing you to collect once of or recurring CC debits.

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Pay your creditors and/or your staff’s payroll by utilizing our EFT Payments portal. EFT Payments can be processed into current, certain savings and transmission accounts.


Our Controller software provides your members with easy-to-use access for your gym or facility. Members can swipe their card and be granted access to the facility based on the access rule associated with their account. Our Software works with Card Reader technology for member access, and can be linked to a turnstile, door or gate.


Who We Are

Linkserv is a third party payment service provider in the electronic payments and collections market.

We provide payment and collection solutions to companies and their clients.


Our Core Platform is the framework that enables us to deliver a broad array of innovative collection and payment-related products and instruments using robust, tested and secure technology.


Our system is secure and online- based system and provides a fully automated service with little to no admin required.

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