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Debi Check or Authenticated Collections (replacing NAEDO), will ensure that all debit orders are firstly verified against a registered and authenticated mandate, before being processed against an account holder’s bank account. Using DebiCheck reduces the risk of an incorrect or a fraudulent debit order being collected because the debit order can only be done according to the approved agreement.


How will DebiCheck benefit your business?

save costs.png

Save costs

After a mandate has been successfully authenticated, it will be extremely hard to dispute the mandate resulting in higher revenue.

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Less disputes

Ensure a lower percentage of debit order disputes by having customers first authenticate mandates before debit order instruction.

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Consumer safety

Your customer will have to agree to the correct amount and date of the mandate giving them peace of mind and prior notice of the debit order instruction.

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Manage all your transactions online

All transactions can be viewed or managed from our online portal.

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