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Account Verification Service (AVS)

The account verification service provides a service whereby banking account information can be verified allowing business customers to verify account holder information before making payments or collecting funds.​​

Benefits of the Account Verification Service (AVS):

  • Avoid unnecessary charges – by ensuring account is open and can accept debit order transactions, to avoid transactions on non- available accounts.

  • Fraud prevention – through the matching of account details with recipient identity details.

  • Simple & efficient – batch response files will be received within an hour of submission.

  •  Account status – AVS also confirms:

               i) If the account is open for more than three months.

               ii) If the account is currently active

               iii) If the account accepts debit or credit.​​


Features of the Account Verification Service:

  • With the response file there will be no confidential information provided, only a “data matched” / “data unmatched” or “unable to match data” response will be returned.

  • AVS will also help lower the occurrence of failed debit order collections and ensures that your cash flow is not impeded.

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